Riverwalk Dental Specials

Special Offers on Dental Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

We are pleased to present RiverWalk Dental's special offers. If you have any questions about the offers, please call our office!

Special Exam & Cleaning for Adults: $80

Valid for new patients only. Includes regular cleaning, general and cosmetic exam, oral cancer check, and discussion about your dental health. Regular Price: $166

RiverWalk Dental, (847) 818-0088
Kid's Special Exam: $70

Valid for new patients under 14 only. Includes thorough cleaning, flouride exam, 2-bite wing x-rays, and discussion about your child's dental health.

RiverWalk Dental, (847) 818-0088
30% Off Implants Plus Crown

$2,800 includes FREE consultation.

RiverWalk Dental, (847) 818-0088
$350 ZOOM! 1 Hour Teeth Whitening

Includes take-home custom made bleaching trays!

RiverWalk Dental, (847) 818-0088
FREE Orthodontic Exam

Includes orthodontic exam and panoramic x-ray, treatment recommendations (including Invisalign), estimated treatment times, and estimated fees.

RiverWalk Dental, (847) 818-0088